Friday, July 4, 2008

Coriander Chicken Salad

1 cup coriander (cilantro), chopped
3 scallions, chopped
1/4 c. sesame seeds
1 tbl dry mustard
1/4 c. sesame oil
1/4 c. canola oil
1/4 c. soy sauce
3 tsp Splenda
1 tbl lemon juice
1/4 tsp Chinese five spice powder
2 cups cooked chicken, chopped
1 cup shredded cabbage

Whisk mustard, oils, soy sauce, Splenda, lemon juice and five spice powder together until well combined. Toss with the rest of the ingredients.

4-6 servings

1 comment:

Tom said...

Jean, Great! My herb pot has been going crazy this summer. We have had so much heat and rain. I am on my pre-op diet but have bookmarked this for after surgery. Five spice has such an intersting taste.