Thursday, July 9, 2009

Clean up as you go - Part 3

About 15 years ago, I was friendly with a woman who was in most respects my total opposite. Our coworkers called us things like "Frick and Frack", "Mutt and Jeff", and "Slim and Jim" (she was Slim, I was Jim). We shared some interests, like decorative painting, did some stenciling and wall treatment projects for local clients, and had a lot of fun.
One night when we had a job in a beauty parlor in the small town where this woman lived, she invited me to dinner at her apartment before we went off to do the stenciling. She served pork chops and two other dishes (potatoes and a veg, as I recall). It was all delicious, but I was horrified when I walked into her apartment because there were dirty cooking dishes everywhere and she wasn't anywhere near to being done with cooking the meal. And her entire apartment could have fit in the kitchen of my (small) home. I'd say her kitchen could have fit in my master bathroom."I hope you haven't gone to a lot of trouble over this," I said, sounding like one of my mom's church friends who really meant, "I hope you've gone to a lot more trouble for me than anyone else.""No, it's just pork chops," she said blythely.
I looked at her boyfriend for verifcation, and he just shrugged.
And he got stuck with the cleanup, too.


Tina said...

I am a clean as you go and my husband is a pile it all up and hope someone else cleans it (or if pressed he will clean it the next morning!!!). Needless to say we do not do cooperative cooking sessions because he gets all testy when I clean or suggest that a bowl get cleaned before moving on in the recipe.

Jean said...

Tina, I generally can't handle "cooperative cooking" sessions, with my husband or anyone else, so it's probably a good thing I never tried to turn my cooking interests into a profession as a chef. Trying to cook with my husband is like trying to grocery shop with him...guaranteed to produce a fight in under 3 minutes!