Saturday, March 13, 2010

Culinary Disasters

Recently I pledged to resume the regular posting of menus and recipes, but I have been confounded by some culinary disasters.

Like the Cauliflower Latkes recipe. Substitute nutritious, low-carb cauliflower for potatoes, and still get your potato pancake fix. Not. It turned into Cauliflower Soup In A Skillet, not even faintly resembling pancakes. Nothing wrong with heating soup in a skillet. As Shirley Jackson, talented writer (and obese person) and author of the short story The Lottery which many of us were made to read in high school, wrote in one of her hilarious books about domestic life (I think it was Raising Demons), the quickest way to re-heat coffee (in pre-microwave times) is to put it in a skillet.

But when you have your face fixed (as my mom would say) for pancakes, you don't want soup in a skillet. You want the danged pancakes, nice and crispy and browned.


Tina said...

yep..definitely not pancakes :) I have been trying to figure out if I can make my own version of a protein bar. Do you have any brilliant recipes or ideas of how I might put one together? Home made has to beat store bought :)

Jean said...

Tina, you might want to post this question on OH. Seems to me that a bandster there had a ton of protein bar recipes on her OH blog. And you could check eggface's blog. There's an Alton Brown recipe at this link, but it looks awfully complicated.

Tina said...

I will thanks Jean :)